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Miko design


I ordered these doll and bunny patterns from Etsy shop
Miko design.
All the way from the Netherlands .
Sewed them up tonight….
Im not a great seamstress but these patterns were a big help and make it easier. The clothing is vintage doll clothes I’ve been buying for Amelia to dress her dolls .They came out super cute, no?
Check out


Ojai message to all


Going to Ojai


Red lipstick

I’m wearing red lipstick to a dinner party tonight,which I haven’t done in years! Red lips I mean
I’m wearing my friends new lipgloss line called GLEAM BY MELANIE MILLS
yay or nay?


lady gaga Double

thanks Cyndra, for letting me play on your show. had fun doing this big hair-do. she really does like lady gaga. *note.. not really her, someone made up to look like Gaga for a TV show.
nice makeup Melanie Mills…

Braid-y bunch

i love these hairstyles, very inspired…
images via fashion gone rogue

happy new year

My first gig of the year, courtesy of Maria V. Thanks MV for bringing me on to Peoples Choice awards.
I had fun, got to do some pretty hair on the trophy girls and hang out with some of my favorite and amazing hairstylist pals.
This year Peoples Choice awards was sponsored by Pantene and CVS. which got me thinking… are there any beauty products I love from either of these two? answer is yes.
Pantene gave us some hairspray I liked . It’s anti high humidity with extra hold, it wasnt tooo sticky and you could still work the hair and put heat on it.Great for all day touch ups and it didnt crust up or flake.

Welcome to my hair diary

thanks Kimberly for my amazing website,well done