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Score ‘Mad Men’-Inspired Hair
4/30/2012 12:36:00 AM BY LAUREN LEVINSON

Drooling over the Mad Men hair this season? Us too. So we asked Terrie V. Owen, one of the hair-styling geniuses behind the show, to give us some quick and easy tips on how to rock retro hair!

The Bigger, The Better:

“To create a Joan-like, sexy secretary bouffant, try this: Before you curl your hair, tease it using a brush or comb at the roots, and then spray with a setting spray. I like White Sands Liquid Texture Medium Hold Thermal Styling Spray. Finally, coil pieces with a curling iron. You will get big sexy hair that lasts all day.”

Boys Club:

“Sweat Don Draper’s slick ‘do? Try coating your mop with a mixture of gel and a styling cream. This way, you don’t get hard helmet hair, yet it still looks groomed and tidy. Always use a fine tooth comb to rake hairs in place.”

Making Waves:

“For Betty Draper twists, create a deep side part and set your strands with hot rollers. They are a great tool for retro styling and can be easily purchased at your local beauty supply store. Make sure to always clip your them in place, and let you hair completely cool down before you brush it out.”

Put a Wig on It:

“Don’t be afraid of false hair! For Megan Draper’s volume and height, try adding a small hairpiece into your own coif. It’s a lot of fun to experiment! Insider fact: Megan’s hair is actually a full wig!”

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